Cucumber-Feta and Nut Bites

img_2105.jpgIf you’ve read a couple of my posts, you already know I like bite size things. I also really like crunchy and salty. These are the perfect bites to quell my cravings. Cucumber slices topped with your favourite spreads, nuts, seeds, cheese and fruit. Whatever you have-the possibilities are endless.

First spread your dip, then pile on your toppings. Make more than you think you will eat. Trust me-so delish.   Here’s what I had on mine:

  1. Spreads: tzatziki or tahini (first time ever tasting tahini and quite enjoyed it. )
  2. Nuts: Cashews, Pecans (my favourite!) or walnuts
  3. Seeds: Pumpkin or sunflower and sprinkled with chia and sesame
  4. Cheese: Feta. Just delicious, crumbly, salty chunks of feta
  5. Fruit: red grapes ‘cuz that’s what I had, and a couple raisins (but would have loved to have had goji berries but I have yet to buy them because they are so freaking expensive!$)
  6.  Create and Devour.

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