Spinach Scramble with Refried Beans, Walnuts and Tomatoes

IMG_2122Today’s breakfast was Spinach Scramble with Refried Beans, Fried Tomatoes and Walnuts because, ‘That’s What was in the Fridge.’ It looks a little messy ‘cuz I tried to cook it all in one pan thinking it would be so pretty, but once the beans were added, it became a bit sloppy. Nonetheless, it was still delicious. Simple directions below for 2 pans 😉

The Scramble

  1. Sautee green onion, celery and peppers until tender. Add a handful of chopped spinach. Mix around for a moment.
  2. Add eggs. I mix mine with sour cream, salt, pepper and dried parsley (but fresh if i had it) and a little nutritional yeast.
  3. Scramble.

The Rest

  1. Add walnuts and tomato slices sprinkled with salt and pepper to pan and lightly fry. Walnuts should get a little crunchy and tomatoes should get a little soft.
  2. Dollop on a scoop of refriend beans and warm it up. I added a little cumin to my beans, but honestly, I didn’t like it with my eggs.


  1. Plate your food and devour.



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