Food Philosophy

Food is grown, NOT made. Animals are NOT products. 

preachy vegan

  • I am a vegetarian because animals have intrinsic worth as living beings on our shared planet.
  • I am struggling to become Vegan as I am challenged by the pervasiveness of animal products in our daily lives.
  • I like to eat real food that is as close to its natural state as possible.
  • I like to avoid processed and packaged convenience foods, including those baby carrots and lettuce in a bag.
  • That being said, my kitchen does have the staple, processed and packaged products that make cooking easier. Things like spreads, sauces, condiments, dressings, canned beans, frozen vegetables and breads. I do, however, chose them wisely by reading the (lack of) ingredients on the labels, and I try to prepare these products from scratch when I can.
  • I like to cook at home and use up everything I buy so nothing goes to waste. Sometimes, my favourite recipes are made from a week’s worth of leftovers and vegetable scraps. I try not to freeze leftovers, but use them up instead.
  • I live with a omnivore. I will cook him a steak for dinner or bacon for breakfast, just as he will make a vegetarian lasagna for me/us. We are both respectful of each others’ choices and really, food preferences should not make or break any relationship.
  • Flexibility and forgiveness are staple values in my relationship with food. I have cheated with a hot-dog while camping, eaten Kraft Dinner out the pot for lunch, and ate pepperoni pizza so we could order just one large. When it comes down to living simply, these choices make my life easier, and that my friends, means I can get on with the important things.