Breakfast Egg on Toast with Alfalfa Sprouts


I love bread. Like, really love bread. I was excited to discover that my local market sells the sprouted grain loaves that I have been hearing so much about lately- for cheap(ish). So, what’s a carbohydrate, breakfast loving girl to do but make a breakfast sandwich. I know the picture looks a little spicy, but its only salt, pepper and parsley flakes that I poured from the wrong side of the lid.

  1. Toast your bread. I do mine the oven because I refuse to get a toaster or I would eat toast for 3 squares a day. This gives me the advantage of adding the cheese while its toasting so that it melts, otherwise, add a layer of your favourite when it pops out of the toaster.
  2. Add a bed of alfalfa sprouts.
  3. Fry an egg to desired yolkiness. I like the yolk little softer usually, but shit happens at 6am.
  4. Top toast with egg.
  5. Devour.

Black Bean Perogy Skillet


I love perogies, especially bite size perogies. While these ones are not the smallest I’ve seen- they’re more like two-bite-brownies, they are great for a breakfast skillet. I served ’em up here with tzatziki instead of the usual sour-cream because I had just bought some, and well, why not? If you think that’s weird, I should tell you, my mom uses apple sauce.

  1. Quick boil perogies to defrost, then transfer to a hot pan with melted butter
  2. Add onion, garlic, peppers and sautee.
  3. After onions are soft, add a handful each of cooked black beans and spinach.
  4. Cook for anther couple minutes, then slide it onto a plate while you cook your egg.
  5. Fry an egg to your desired yolkiness. Place on top of perogies
  6. Serve with tzatziki (or whatever your dipping preference is) and sprinkle on some chia seeds for god measure.
  7. Devour.


virtual hugHey y’all. I wanted to send  a hug and great big thanks to all who have visited my (very) new blog and to those whom have ‘liked’ my posts. It is very much appreciated and quite encouraging.  I am so excited that people have found me! Keep checking back because its constantly changing around here, and I think this one is going places people. Please email me with any comments or suggestions you may have- I’m a newbie and feedback is greatly appreciated. Now go and Devour something yummy!

Black Bean Breakfast Hash with Fruit Salsa Made 2 Ways- Vegan and Vegetarian


I love a good breakfast hash, and I just discovered a new way to cook the potatoes fast. I diced up the yellow and sweet potatoes and added them to a hot cast iron pan with just enough water to cover its’ bottom, put a lid on it, and let the potatoes boil until the water is gone. Voila-hasbrowns! I added the other ingredients next and sautéed them while the potatoes got crispy. I usually prefer all my meals in wrap form, but this hash, I think because of the fruit salad and toasted walnuts just did it for me. Delicious. Let me know what you think.

Hash (Vegan)

  1. As above, or pan fry frozen has browns until almost done.
  2. Add onions and garlic, and I used, red pepper, celery and diced zucchini, but whatever you got. Sautee until tender.
  3. Add a handful of cooked or canned black beans and walnuts and cook for another 5 minutes or so. I also added a little cumin, salt and pepper.
  4. When done, top with fruit salsa and cilantro

Fruit Salsa

  1. Dice fruit and berries. I had raspberries, strawberries and kiwi.
  2. Mix together
  3. Yep. That’s it.

Wrap (Vegetarian)

  1. Warm up your leftover Black Bean Breakfast Hash in a fry pan. I added sesame seeds to the mix.
  2. Slide it onto a tortilla covered in shredded cheese. I had Monterey Jack on hand.
  3. Cook a scrambled egg. I mix mine with cottage cheese, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast (because I just discovered it and am putting it on everything now).
  4. Add egg on top of Hash, and a little ground flax seed for extra oomph.
  5. Roll up like a burrito and lightly pan fry each side for a little crunch.
  6. I ate it dipped in sour cream and without fruit salsa because there wasn’t any leftovers.
  7. Devour

Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Salad

Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Salad

This meal is affectionately called, “What’s Left in the Fridge at the End of the Week.”  I try  to use up all my leftovers and produce before heading to the market each week to restock. This means that I sometimes have an abundance of veggies I forgot about, and usually only one or two of everything else. Since roasting is my favourite way to cook veggies, this is what I came up with last week.

  1. Lightly coat roasting veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake, uncovered, until tender.  I had lots of brussel sprouts, 1 carrot, a broccoli floret and 2 cloves of garlic (I LOVE roasted garlic!)
  2. Make a salad. I used what was in the fridge- a bit of chopped romaine and leftover quinoa mixed with raspberries, cucumber and celery. I added a teaspoon of chia seeds and dressed it with a simple lemon-vinegar dressing. I love the cucumber-raspberry combo and will definitely create another salad using them and fresh ingredients like cilantro.
  3. Devour.